My First Day Back To Work (Baby Blues)

Today is my first day back to work after 5 weeks and 6 days at home with my new shiny son A.K.A ‘little daddy’.  Despite a flawless morning thanks to Erick and Nana, I miss him already.  I FEEL LIKE SUCH A BRAT! Who am I to cry?  There are sooooooo many women that don’t get to miss work for 6 weeks.  Above that, he is home with my Momma!  I have a wonderful job that I love with an office, mini fridge and sink.  I have everything that I need to comfortably pump and I’m only 20 minutes away from home. Some women have to pump in the nastiest places. Meanwhile…here I am… (minus the super cute hair, look very homely today)…


There are probably a million other things that I should be doing right now like working on my dissertation, reviewing today’s lesson plans, checking work email, meal planning, getting ready for my next pumping session, scheduling home maintenance, writing thank you cards…(I won’t list a million it will just stress me out more).  But…taking the time to document my feelings is much cheaper than therapy!

In just 8 short hours I will be back at home with my perfect little boy! Until then, I am going to make the best out of this day.

*Leaves to actually write the Thank You cards. Nobody wants to be a rude ingrate*



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